Monday, February 28, 2011

Bron Star Originals

Bron Star Originals is a family operated business that specializes in personalized growth charts but also has family signs, chore charts and more.  They even have custom charts for twins and siblings!

How did your shop get started?
When a new addition was added to the family, the search was on for perfect nursery decor. Little did we know, that we would have to choose between feeding the baby or decorating the nursery! Each time we found a piece of artwork that we loved, it just was not within our budget. So, we pieced together BronStar Originals (the new additions name is Bronson) with a graphic designer and my very own fairy godmother, everything she touches turns into something miraculous...and she just happens to be my mom!

What separates your decor from others?
Our children's nursery artwork has a contemporary feel and all colors can be customized to match your decor, just use our color chart to give an idea of what shades you are looking for and we will work with the customer until we come up with something perfect!

Do you have plans of adding any new items?
We do have plans to add other coordinating nursery decor items, what I am most excited about listing next are our Mobiles.

What are your favorite items to work on?
I think this is where my ADD kicks completely depends on the moment and is forever changing. I try not to be biased, but when a customer shares details with me (who the item is for, the occasion etc) I cant help but give those items a little more attention. Its not intentional but I notice myself double and triple checking everything.

If money was no object what crafting project would you like to work on?
I love sparkly things so I would love to have one of the machines that set rhinestones for you...but unfortunately I do not have an extra 40-50k sitting around!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Joyfully Sewn Designs

Joyfully Sewn Designs features skirts, dresses, jumpers and peasant blouses for children of all sizes!

How did you get started?
I was homeschooled all my life and was privileged to have a Grandma who loved to sew and passed on her knowledge and love of this art to me.  I've been doing custom sewing for about 11 years, and I'm still loving it.

Do you create your own designs or use patterns?
I do design some of my patterns, but mostly I prefer to work off of an existing pattern. Often I will use the pattern as a base and then I'll add/create something slightly different.. All of the skirts I make are from my own patterns as well as one of the jumpers.

Where do you see your shop in the future?
Little by little, I'm gaining more new customers and more repeat customers for which I am grateful! I'm continually working to increase my stock and add new variety to my shop. Someday I may even try adding patterns. I hope my shop will continue to grow and be a source of modest, feminine clothing for girls (and ladies).

What do you do when you're not sewing?
When I'm not sewing I'm often in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake, and spend most of my day in the sewing room or kitchen.  I also love to read, spend time with my family, get outside to enjoy God's beautiful creation, and spend time with children - including my niece and nephews.

Be sure to check out other great items in the Joyfully Sewn Designs Shop!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Back!

Good or bad, I don't know, you decide.

I have lots of things in the works right now, but most importantly is getting those "Sneak Peak" items listed in my shop!  My model is becoming more and more independent and making it harder and harder for me to get pictures worthy of being on the Internet.  Or maybe I just need a new camera that can keep up with her speed!

Either way, you will be finding some new items in my shop by Monday morning!

Just an example of my model doing things her way.  She insisted that the hat be worn sideways and that it was an action shot!
Also be looking for more seller features!  There are so many great Etsy shops I want to share with you!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Frayed Fuzzies Quilts

Frayed Fuzzies features handmade rag quilts and quilted educational toys for kids from birth on up.
Quilts range from doll size to adult throw size.

How did you start making your quilts:
I'm a third generation quilter who likes to put a bit of a modern spin on traditional quilts. Growing up watching my mother, grandmother and aunts hand-stitch many a quilt, I never thought I would be doing the same---OK, well, not quite the same, I don't have the patience to hand quilt, so I do all my work by machine. My designs are a little bit less traditional than the ones that they make too. I guess you could say I'm putting a fresh, new twist on an old family tradition!

What makes your quilts different:
The style that I specialize in (rag quilts) is fairly uncommon, and lots of fun to make--and kids love the texture of the soft, frayed edges. All our quilts and quilted items are made with natural products whenever possible. All products feature 100% cotton fabrics (flannel is our signature), as well as the occasional polyester synthetic such as fleece or plush Minky (fabrics popular with baby and children’s blankets). Our quilts are designed to be warm, but lightweight, which is why flannel is the preferred material. When batting is used, it is always 100% cotton.

Check out Frayed Fuzzies Shop and Facebook Page.  And don't forget about the Newsletter

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vacations and Giveaways!

I will be going on vacation from February 18 to February 23.  During this time I will check Facebook and Etsy for messages.  You will still be able to place orders for items in my shop and custom item, but they will not ship until after the 23rd.

When I return I will be having a giveaway for customers who have left a review on Facebook and/or Etsy.  To enter all you have to do is leave a review for each order you have placed either on Facebook or Etsy.

I will update later when the drawing will be held and what the prize will be.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sneak Peak!

There has been so much going on!  I really can't believe it's February already.  I've been working so hard at making new items that I haven't had a chance to add the ones I've finished to my shop yet.  So I thought I'd let you have a sneak peak.

This hat was not finished in this picture.  More dots and pom-poms were added.
This is the finished product for this hat.

Bow and Headband are separate.  I also have another new style like this.

Will also be available in other colors

Comes as a set or separate.  Also available in other colors.
Please keep in mind some of these pictures were take in the process of being made.  I also have another new style hat that I haven't pictured and am in the process of creating another one.

Come back soon and check out my Shop for new listings!