Thursday, October 13, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp Week 3

I can't believe week 3 has come and gone!  It has been a rather productive week for me, although not so much on the desired out come of this weeks tasks.  So here we go!

Task 1: Get to Know Your Camera
Great reminder of all the great and simply things that most cameras can do these days.  Knowing these basic things can definitely help improve your photographs!

Task 2: Guide to Photography
Wow is there a lot of information there!  Great for any type of business.  I actually got my camera out and played with the different functions as I read about them and jotted down some ideas that sprung from the suggestions of the authors.  I also got out the manual to my camera to figure out how to best use some of the functions it has to my advantage.

Task 3: Photograph Holiday Packaging
I haven't actually decided on this yest so I couldn't photograph it.  I'm worried that my prices will have to increase to accommodate a higher shipping fee.  I'm afraid the boxes I want to use will increase the size and cost of shipping.

Task 4: Mastering Depth of Field
I wish my camera was a little more advanced.  I tried the different steps and suggestions for depth of field, but my camera just doesn't seem to have the capability to make much of a difference from the low to high end.

Task 5: Photo Critique
Well I didn't take any photos, so there is nothing for my buddy to critique.  My buddy is also focusing on adding items, so there was none for me to help her with either.  But I did try and help out Baby Swank with her photos.

Task 6: Add New Photos to Listing
Once again, if I had taken actual photos I may have been able to do this, but alas I didn't.  Once I get my new holiday stuff done I will come back and check these off.

In the next post I will show you what I did get done this week!  I have finished 3 hats in the last 2 week and 2 pair of rain boot booties!

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