Thursday, October 6, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp Week 2

I'm not behind this week and it feels great!!!  While I am still slightly behind on getting Holiday items made and listed, I have a plan and this week's To Do List helped me sooo much!!!

Task 1: Stocking up for the Holiday
This article helped realize there is so much more information I should be putting in my listings to help buyers realize what a great item I have!  Made me realize that the way I shop for gifts may not be the way my buyer is going to shop for a gift!

Task 2: Holiday Project Worksheet
Great work sheet!!!  Definitely helped me put onto paper some of the things that have been floating around in my head.  Like who would my items be for and who would buy them for that person.   And how can I make them an even more appealing gift.  The one thing I noticed is that I have 2 general price ranges: Under $10 and Under $25.  For now this will probably have to stay the way it is.

Task 3: Create To Do List for Holiday Products
This task probably helped me the most!  I'm always making lists, Love lists!  My problem, I write them and end up losing them.  I've started using my Google account more and more in the last few weeks and this week I decided to put my To Do List on my main Google page where I can see it daily, from anywhere.  I can (and have) applied due dates and broken things down from a bigger To Do into the little tasks it will take to accomplish the main goal.  I always feel more accomplishment when I can check off the smaller things.

Task 4: Forum Thread
I've actually kept up with this weeks thread and I feel great about having offered advice and gotten advice from others.  The comments in the threads have given me some great ideas for how to change my listings and hopefully get more views on them.  Plus there are so many small things I can do to improve how the items look when they are shipped out the door!

Task 5: Consult Your Buddy
Well, I'm using you as my buddy.  Along with the weekly forum threads.  I'm not really "consulting" but I am staying accountable to you.

Task 6: Search Ad Stats
I have no gotten into the search ads yet, but I plan to in the beginning of November.

So there you have it.  I have been motivated to accomplish tasks that I have been putting off for some time and I'm very excited to be checking things off my To Do List!

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